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This started out as being for The Angry Black Woman’s Carnival of Allies, but now I’m not so sure it fits with the intent of the Carnival. But it’s here either way.

So, I was reading belladame’s post for the carnival, about the perhaps limited utility of the word ally, and the notion that allies are ‘being PC to get cookies’, which is definitely a good read, but it actually got me thinking in a somewhat different direction, because of some of the most frustrating contexts in which I’ve heard it.

There’s been a lot said about ‘passing’, about the benefits and the costs, and about how it’s tied up with privilege. Now, I’m an asian/white woman with a white father/asian mother, and, as I grew out of childhood, an appearance that generally means you have to squint, or know what you’re looking for, to know that I’m not white. And there’s a lot of stuff I’m still working through that ties into all of that. But it does mean that, in certain respects, my ability to pass in certain contexts changes how my ‘being an ally’ for other PoC is perceived.



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Your Humble Host

Your humble host attempts to look arty and such.

This has been a long time coming; I’ve been flitting in and around for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to really stick my feet in the water and start kicking. So hi to the people who’ve seen me in the comments elsewhere; hi to the people who have no idea who I am; and hi to everyone who doesn’t fit those categories.

I’ve been reluctant to start this blog for a while, because I hadn’t really worked out what I wanted it to be. But then, as I kept thinking about it, I became less sure. Because I’m not sure what I want to do, or achieve, or accomplish. I guess, really, I’ve been wanting a space to talk about how I think and feel about and deal with the way the world is, and how I think it should be, and how I find spaces and places and times to make links between the two, and look hopefully across those links and bridges and see some way of navigating across them. So I guess that’s part of what this blog will be.

So who am I, anyway? Well, I’m me. Which is a very simple and complex answer, all at once. I’m not fond of categories, because they all bleed into each other and become kind of useless, for me. And I’ve posted at various times and other places about various aspects of myself, and I might dig up some of those old posts and re-post them here, as time goes on.

The thumbnail version of me is this:

I’m an asian/white australian, queer, poly, cisgendered, fat, able-bodied, woman of colour. I am feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, body-positive, and conscious of the ongoing contradictions and tensions between all of that.

So there’s your introduction. Here’s hoping I come up with actual useful content, soon.

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